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Smallest House

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The Smallest House In The World

This house has a sink, a shower, a gas stove, and a solid waste system. It has a wind turbine and a greywater system which waters my flowerboxes where I grow arugula. Everything I need is at my fingertips. At 25 square feet, my house is actually small.
It fits in a van. A regular-sized van.

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Glen Bunsen


Glen Bunsen

When I first heard about the “tiny house” movement, I was super inspired. But when I looked further, I couldn’t believe how big these “tiny houses” were. So I made an actual tiny house. I’m not about space. I’m about time. And I have lots of time now that I live wherever I need to go. Wherever I need to be, I’m already there.

Nailed it.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Guinness Films

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HOLLYWOOD – Smallest House in the World, Jeff Smith, and two imposters on ABC’s “To Tell the Truth,” a show that’s been around for 60 years and is literally about telling the truth. Aired 2/19/17

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Massive Press

More Famous per Square Foot than the Taj Mahal

“The house, which looks like a dog crate on steroids, is available for $55 per night.”

The Boston Globe

“It’s a green home, literally. It’s painted a verdant shade, and it comes with a greywater system, for watering the plants, and a tiny wind turbine that fits on top of the roof.”

“A whimsical architectural response to the housing crisis.”


“There it is, a solid waste system.”


“If guests are unhappy with the home’s location, they’re free to move it elsewhere. “

Mental Floss

“…those with an adventurous soul might love the thought of dragging their temporary home around the city.”

Lonely Planet

“If you’re heading to Boston, and don’t have claustrophobia, consider booking a night at the the smallest house in the world.”

Travel & Leisure

“Jeff Smith…decided to put it on Airbnb to see if anyone would actually stay there.”


“Taking notice of the tiny house movement that’s sweeping the nation, sculptor Jeff Smith was inspired to take the trend to new heights.”

Country Living

“…may be the smallest house that functions on record.”


“One reasonably fit person can roll it anywhere they wish.”


“Staying in the smallest house in the world is a unique experience and not for regular people.”


“Why Is This Important? Because records were meant to be broken.”


“…very small, but super convenient.”

National Post

“…stretches the limits of what can be considered a house.”


“We think it’s a stretch to call it a house.”


“Too Tiny?”

Fox News

“Prime location, can’t stand up in it.”

The Sun

“Ever fancied staying in a teeny tiny house with no heat or air-conditioning, no TV, and no internet?”

The Metro

“Some would say the space is tight, and others might prefer the word cozy.”


“Als antwoord op de zogenaamde tiny house beweging die momenteel gaande is in Amerika, besloot beeldend kunstenaar Jeff Smith de trend naar een nieuwe hoogte te tillen.”

Elle Holland

“De microwoning is gemaakt van gerecycled hout en heeft een kleine keuken bestaande uit een kookplaat en een gootsteen. “


“Elle dispose…d’un petit four au gaz propane et d’un évier alimenté par une bouteille d’eau rechargeable incrustée dans le mur”

Melty Fashion

“¿Cuánto pagaría por dormir en la “casa más pequeña del mundo”?”


“Infatti, c’è un piccolo gancio con il quale la si può trascinare ovunque lo si desideri.”


“Jika Anda berniat melancong ke Boston, Amerika Serikat, cobalah menginap di rumah terkecil di dunia”


“A házban egyszemélyes fekhely, főzőlap, környezetbarát mosogató és vasalódeszka található…”


“Внешне дом напоминает коробку на колесах. Теоретически, в нем может переночевать человек небольшого роста.”


“Свет в дом проникает через шесть иллюминаторов. Из мебели в микродоме есть диван-кровать, а также оборудовано место для работы с ноутбуком.”


“Оваа минијатурна куќа од 25 метри квадратни е дело на скулпторот Џеф Смит.”


“Автор зазначає, що будинок дуже зручний, так як його можна самостійно перевезти в зручне місце.”

UA Post

“…always pushing the envelope.”


“Если вы направляетесь в Бостон, и у вас нет клаустрофобии, рассмотрим бронирование на ночь в самом маленьком отеле в мире.”


“כמה זה עולה אתם שואלים? 55$ ללילה. מה שכן חסר – זה חיבור לאינטרנט ומיזוג אוויר, אבל את המיקום אתם יכולים לבחור בעצמכם – הבית כמובן על גלגלים. אנחנו אהבנו”


“주거 공간 문제에 대한 독특한 건축적 대안인 ‘작은 집 운동”

artPhil Institute


Interested in actual tiny houses?
Hit me up. Or don’t. whatever.